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Once a soapmaker, always a soapmaker.

Three years ago I made a really difficult decision to close SkinTastic Creations. I had to for personal reasons. The business had reached the point that I needed to hire somebody and let it get bigger or to make it smaller. In the end I closed it and sold as much as I could for a discount.

But an interesting thing has happened lately. Once the lotion ran out my own family started wondering if I was ever going to make lotion again. People contact me periodically looking for the products I no longer make and beg me to make some for them. Sometimes I’ve been able to help them, but usually not.


It’s time to start making soap, lotion and the works again. The time is right. But we are doing it a little different this time, most of the promotion being done on Etsy and online.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy making soap. I love the color of this one as it went into the mold. I’m anxious to cut it up.

So watch the blog and the website, as well as the Etsy store where we have a grand total of two products listed so far. We are incorporating a new look to the soap packaging.

If your anxious to get your hands on some of that amazing balm though, you’ll find it at the Etsy store. Use the discount code “blogspecial” to get 10% discount.

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