What is Castille Soap

This is the batch of Castile soap I’m in process of packaging right now. Castile soap is a simple soap that is made with olive oil. Although the history of Castile goes way back, it is believed that the soap was first made in Castilla, Italy. This makes sense when you understand that in that area they grow olives and have easy access to the oil. Evidently at a time when the rest of Europe was using rendered animal fats to make soap, the soap in this part of Italy was made from olive oil. Eventually it became the popular soap for the rich all over Europe.

The nice thing about a soap made with olive oil is that it’s mildness. This fabulous oil has many properties that should make it an oil of choice, not only in the kitchen, but for our skin. Because of it’s mildness it is a perfect soap to use for babies and others with sensitive skin. The squalane in olive oil helps it absorb easily and quickly into the skin. The high content of oleic acid¬† gives olive oil humectant properties, meaning that it pulls in the moisture from the air. The oleic acid also help the skin to regenerate. Overall it’s an amazing oil for the skin.

Soap made from olive oil makes a fine, creamy lather. If you expect large bubbles, you may be disappointed. But if you want a gentle soap that pampers your skin, it doesn’t get better than Castille.

The soap that is pictured above also has goat milk added in place of the water. This makes it even more luxurious.

What properties do you like in a bar of soap? Feel free to comment.

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