Soap on a Rope Failure

2014-02-03 10.28.08

The soap on a rope didn’t work out so well. In November I posted about a batch of soap I saved. I’d forgotten to superfat the batch and couldn’t sell it that way, so I grated it up and experimented with adding castor oil to it. Since I was experimenting I tried making soap on a rope. Here you can see a partially used one. It started out looking like a round ball of soap on a rope, but the problem is, as you can see here, that they knot is causing issues with the use of the soap being pleasant.

Live and learn.

However, I molded the rest of the batch and we’ve been using it.

Amazing what that castor oil did for the batch. Because of that I made a new batch of honey oatmeal a few weeks ago and formulated castor oil into the batch. The honey oatmeal is about cured and can be packaged soon.

As for the soap on a rope, there is probably some other way to do this.

Do people even use soap on a rope?

Would you?

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