Collecting Calendula Seeds

calendula seeds2

You don’t have to buy new calendula seeds every year. Collecting them from your existing plant is fun and easy. It’s almost as easy a harvesting the flowers, but you wait a little longer before you pick them.

As the bright yellow and orange calendula blooms start drying up and fading out, watch for the seeds to mature at the base of the petals. At first the seeds will be green. For best results you want to leave them on the plant until the seeds turn brown. Then pick the dried up flower from the plant.

collecting seeds

The seeds will almost fall off into your hand. If not, rotate them between your fingers to encourage the seeds to pull away from the base. Collect these and save for next year. Or sometimes I just sprinkle them back into the garden. They may not do as well this way as if you grow them inside in the spring, but many of them will grow.

Propagating new herb plants can be fun.

Some other great herbs to collect seeds from are basil, fennel, parsley, mullien, chamomile and dill.

Have you collected any of these? Or any others?

2 replies on “Collecting Calendula Seeds

  • Lory

    getting ready to start a growing area that is not only beautiful, but had purpose also! If you have any extra seeds to sell so I can start my own garden of friends please let me know!! Thanks so much–also have someone interested in soap making class. Any ideas when you will be doing this again? Thanks so much–love all your products!!! Lory

    • admin

      Hey Lory. I can share some seeds with you. We should just have you come over and walk through the yard with me one day. I’m not sure yet when I will be doing another soap making class, but when I do I will put that information in the newsletter. So subscribing to that is the best way to know when I schedule classes.


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