Growing Calendula

calendula plants

Calendula easy to grow. Here you see my calendula already starting to grow on its own. It’s located in a warm spot on the south side of my house and tends to show up with my early blooming daffodils. However I’m starting more inside also. This gives it a warm start and gets it going more quickly.

calendula seeds

To do this I mix half peat moss and half perlite for my soil. It is spread into my growing tray. Sometimes I fill the tray all the way and then poke holes where I’m dropping the seeds. However, this time I only filled it most of the way and then sprinkled the seeds on top. Then I covered it with a thin layer of soil.

indoor calendula

The great thing about calendula is that it starts growing quickly. This is less than two weeks growth. They are ready to separate.

To separate the seedlings, remove them from their tray and gently pull the plants apart.

2014-03-13 05.22.54

Prepare the new tray with soil. Make sure it is moist, but not too wet. Poke holes in the spots you are transplanting and insert the seedling. Plant it deep enough that most of the stem is underground. Press the soil gently around each plant and water.

2014-03-13 05.24.59

Make sure your plants have enough water and sunlight every day. If the stems seem like they are getting too long, the plants need more light.

By fall these seedlings will have produced the flowers that will be made into and herbal balm.

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