“Frozen” Soap

soap tops

When I make soap I like it to be round. It fits so nicely into the palm of your hand in that shape. To accomplish that I pour my soap into long tubes and then cut it into slices.

One of the fun things about this is that you never know how that top slice is going to look. There are many factors that determine this, like how thick the soap is when you put it into the mold. Sometimes they mound up in the middle. Other times there are cracks or pits of soap up the side. Every once in a while I get one that is particularly interesting. Take a look at this one in the middle.

Frozen soap

Here it is up close. I made this batch awhile ago but have been entertained by this piece enough that I wanted to take a picture before we used it.

What does it remind you of? Anything? When I first sliced it off I thought it looked like it could be the Snow Queen’s castle. Of course the “Frozen” craze has raged on and Elsa is a favorite character. If this soap were white and sparkly that would look just like ice sticking up on the side.

Do you see something different? Just for fun…try it. Tell me what you see.

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