Herbal Facial Oil

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Herbal Facial Oil … my new favorite product.

It thrills me that the Herbal Balm has helped so many people with their eczema and other skin problems. I wanted to create a product for the face that would be equally amazing.

It needed to have the herbal properties infused into it. But for the face it had to soak in more quickly and feel lighter. And I needed an efficient way to dispense it.

For the herbs, I chose calendula, comfrey and chickweed. Those of you who know me also know that these are some of my favorite skin herbs and the same ones I’ve used in the Herbal Balm for years. I chose a base of sweet almond and jojoba oils for that lighter feel and quick absorption. I added a small amount of essential oils known to help the skin and balance the hormones. The blend ended up very pleasant.

When I found these beautiful air pumps the idea was complete.

My favorite way to use the Herbal Facial Oil is to apply a couple squirts to my entire face in the morning and then wait ten minutes before adding makeup. In the evening I apply it at bedtime.

The results.

I’d never had guessed how amazing this was going to be.

I expected it to help my aging skin to defy wrinkles and appear young. That it does. I love how it feels on my face.

What I didn’t expect were the results my daughter saw.

She has struggled with acne for many years now. We’ve experimented a lot on her and found some formulations along the way that were helpful, and others not so much. Understandably, when I handed her a bottle of oil and asked her to try it, she was skeptical.

Fortunately, she tested it for me.

When she told me it was helping to avoid the dreaded breakouts and keep her skin smooth and acne free, I was ecstatic. As was she.

I’m telling you…new favorite product.

You can find Herbal Facial Oil on our website.

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