Mom and Babe Collection


The Mom and Babe Collection.

It’s a fabulous set of ten products geared to new moms and their babies. The arrival of a baby is such a precious time and moms want the best fomom productsr their little one. And for themselves. There are many skin care and baby care options on the market, but  most contain mineral oils or other additives a new baby will be better without.

This part of our product line is called Mom and Babe Collection, but don’t let that fool you.

You don’t have to be a new mom to fall in love with some of these product. We’ve had women asking for a natural deodorant for years and Bliss Speaking of citrus smells, you’ll love our Grapefruit soap, especially if you like the exfoliating action the poppy seeds add to this line

Balance Body Lotion is a calming blend of ylang ylang and geranium that every woman can enjoy. In fact, I chose those essential oils because of their hormone balancing properties. I like them so much that I also put them into the Balance Bath Bomb, which, of course, provides us with some much needed pampering and de-stressing.

The Gentle Baby part of our liOn the shelfne includes a body lotion, baby soap, diaper rash ointment and cradle cap oil.

To finish off the collection we’ve added belly balm and a nursing balm for those specific needs of a pregnant or new mom.

We’ve had such fun creating the Mom and Babe Collection. Seeing all those products lined up on the shelf makes me smile.