dandelion benefits2Yes! I do mean the ones that grow in your grass. So before you spray, pay attention to what this bright yellow flower has packed away for your benefit.

Even though I haven’t yet found a reason to include dandelion in a SkinTastic product, it is one of my favorite herbs.

It was my miracle answer at a low moment in my life. Here’s my story.

About 22 years ago I thought I was pregnant with my third child. It turned out that this pregnancy had become what they call a molar pregnancy, where, instead of a baby growing I was growing a tumor they referred to as a grape-like cluster. Generally this is easily solved with a minor medical procedure, but in rare cases it begins to grow again.

I guess I’m rare. That is exactly what happened and I will never forget that feeling of helplessness when I was given the news.

I began chemo.

This type of cancer is actually one of the easiest to cure, but for four months I experienced a small dose of the struggle some people face for months or years.

Near the end of this four months of chemo I visited with a natropathic physician who then helped me know how to cleanse and rebuild my body. At that point I was constantly fatigued and had suffered much discomfort. One of the things she recommended to me was to drink dandelion leaf tea. I did this religiously, a half gallon every day.

When I visited her again after a couple months, we were all surprised to see the miracle that had happened within my body. My red blood cells had gone from being unhealthy and rigid to being healthy and flexible.

I was pretty happy about my miracle. I wanted another baby and that is exactly what came next. A beautiful baby boy.

Since that experience, I’ve been surprised how often I’ve come back to this simple herb most of us are trying to get rid of. I still drink dandelion tea and enjoy it.

My favorite is to mix it with other herbs like spearmint and red raspberry leaf and then sweeten with honey.

Benefits of Dandelion:

  • builds and purifies blood
  • high in calcium and other minerals
  • stabilizes blood sugar
  • high in vitamins A, B, C and D
  • increases activity of the pancreas
  • used to treat skin disease
  • helps open urinary passages
  • nutritive salts balance blood
  • beneficial for female organs