Candle Making

candle makingPeople often ask how I got started making soap, lotion and all the other fun things I love to create.

The truth is it all started with candle making.

I’m always fascinated with learning to create various things, from yarn to tote bags to soap, of course. About twenty years ago I became intrigued with candle making. As I researched it, many of the ingredients are similar to soap making. I sidetracked and began learning about that, but never truly came back to candle making.

Well . . . sort of.

Sometimes I make candles. But usually only if there are kids and a pioneer dress involved.

Saturday was one of those days. For about three hours I enjoyed dipping candles and answering questions as people gathered around at the city park after the children’s parade. This was all for a celebration of Pioneer Day, to commemorate the arrival of the pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Thanks to those who asked me to participate. It was a highlight of my week.