My Favorite Natural Treatment for Cracked Heels

There are plenty of theories about why people get cracked heels.

Years ago cracked heels were a huge problem for me. It didn’t matter whether it was summer or winter, because I went mostly barefoot year round.

My husband would tell me I should wear shoes. Wearing shoes helped, but it didn’t solve it. And I hated to always wear shoes.

It all changed when I figured out this treatment.

Basically, I learned that I needed to exfoliate the dead skin before the moisturizers were going to do me any good. It doesn’t matter how much lotion you apply to your feet if there are layers of dry, dead skin. The lotion will help sooth the immediate problem, but to get to the root of it you need something more.

This routine is how I solved my dry, cracked heels:

  1. SOAK YOUR FEET with a moisturizing bath bomb. Not all bath bombs are created equal. You want be sure you are using one that has a significant amount of botanical oil added to it. You can soak your feet with a smaller bath bomb or enjoy soaking in the bathtub with a large bath bomb (which is my favorite choice) for at least 20 minutes.
  2. EXFOLIATE! Once this skin is softened, it is easy to remove. There are several options for doing this. One of my favorites is to use a PedEgg, which looks like a fine grater, but feels great on the feet and helps to remove any dead skin at this stage in the treatment. A foot scrub or sugar scrub is also an effective way to remove this dead skin. Rubbing briskly with your towel after you soak is also very effective. There is not one right answer, the point is to get as much of the dead skin off your feet and heels as possible.
  3. MOISTURIZE HEAVILY. At this point your feet have soaked up the water of bath or foot soak and you want to take advantage of that by applying a heavy mosturizer that is made from botanical oils. If you use a moisturizer made with petroleum ingredients (which is about 90% of the lotions and creams available) it will coat your skin, but it will not penetrate and nourish your skin because the molecules in mineral oil or other petroelum-based ingredients are larger than the pores of your skin. Instead you want a moisturizer with botanical oils that will soak in to nourish and moisturize your skin. Natural body butters or herbal salves are a fabulous choice.
  4. GIVE IT TIME TO SOAK IN. A nice, thick moisturizer takes a little longer to soak in so give it 10-15 minutes to do its job. This is a great time to relax or cover your feet with socks. Doing this treatment just before bed and then sleeping with socks will give you that great benefit of soft, happy feet when you wake in the morning.
  5. REPEAT. If your heels have deep cracks you are not going to solve the whole problem in one treatment. It will be important to repeat this treatment about once a week until you achieve your goal. But you will love the results of how your feet feel immediately.

If you think you don’t have time to take care of your feet, just remember how much they take care of you. Your feet are worth it. Give them the treatment they deserve.