Tested on the Skeltons

On the back of our lotion and several other products, it says, “These products are not tested on animals. They are tested on the Skeltons.”

And the Skeltons are us, of course.

Our six children are all adults now, but they grew up helping me fill lotion bottles and package soap. And they got pretty good at it. I’m impressed at how well they learned to get the labels straight and make the wrapping look nice.

Not only that they tested a lot of failed bath bombs.

Quite the sacrifice. Right?

I love that they all know what calendula is and they know how to weed it.

But they have clearly let me know that they are each following their own dreams and do not intend to become master herbalists or make soap.

I’m grateful they have their own dreams.

I’m a dreamer, and I believe that each of us has the potential to become whatever we choose. It may not be easy and there will almost certainly be bumps along the way.

Sometimes big bumps.

But if you believe hard enough and are willing to work long enough I believe it is possible to live your dream, whatever it may be.

So keep dreaming and know that even today SkinTastic products really are tested out on the Skeltons, and some new members of our team who have become like family.