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  • Three Steps to Pampered Feet

    Soak fee in water with a 2-ounce bath bomb. Use foot scrub to exfoliate (get rid of the dead skin). Apply Peppermint Foot Butter and give it time to soak in. You may want to wear socks to keep it from rubbing off before it has a chance to soak in.

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  • Itchy Burning Scalp

    Many of you have asked me if I will ever develop a shampoo. I believe many people deal with itchy burning scalp It’s on my list of goals, but shampoo is pretty complicated We like our hair to feel soft and silky. But itchy scalp and irritation can be a side effect of some shampoos. And it’s […]

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  • Before and After Eczema

    I don’t make claims about my Herbal Balm. But I love to see results. These pictures show what I’ve seen happen with the balm multiple times.  The cute girl these hands belong to has a story that touched my heart. Her parents had tried everything to get the eczema on her hand to clear up, but […]

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  • Do You Have Eczema?

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Do you have eczema? Many people do. I never knew how many until I started putting this sign out at my boutiques. Now people passing by stop and tell me about their grandchild or friend who struggles with eczema. Or better yet, they lift their pant leg or push up […]

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  • Apples for Healthy Skin

    Eating right influences the health of your skin as dramatically as what you put on it. One source of skin loving nutrients is an apple. The vitamin C in an apple helps your body produce the collagen needed to give the skin elasticity and a plump appearance. Apples are fabulous fresh, but the apple is […]

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