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  • Geranium

    Every year my dad grows geraniums, along with the many other beautiful plants that make the yard of a master gardener beautiful. I never really thought about the medicinal benefits of geranium until recently. It started with the realization that several health issues I was dealing with were connected to high estrogen levels. This led […]

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  • Dandelions

    Yes! I do mean the ones that grow in your grass. So before you spray, pay attention to what this bright yellow flower has packed away for your benefit. Even though I haven’t yet found a reason to include dandelion in a SkinTastic product, it is one of my favorite herbs. It was my miracle […]

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  • Ylang Ylang

    Have you ever smelled ylang ylang? I’ll bet you have, whether you realize it or not. It’s a popular choice of essential oils for its smell alone. In fact it is even found in Chanel No. 5. In recent years it has become even more popular, but not only for its smell. Ylang Ylang is an […]

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  • Calendula for Conjunctivitis

    We’ve used calendula for many skin conditions over the years. It is typically what the herb is used for, but it may surprise you to know that we have even used calendula for conjunctivitis (pink eye). Calendula’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties have helped to clear up the problem for us several times over the years. How […]

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  • Growing Calendula

    Calendula easy to grow. Here you see my calendula already starting to grow on its own. It’s located in a warm spot on the south side of my house and tends to show up with my early blooming daffodils. However I’m starting more inside also. This gives it a warm start and gets it going […]

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  • Collecting Calendula Seeds

    You don’t have to buy new calendula seeds every year. Collecting them from your existing plant is fun and easy. It’s almost as easy a harvesting the flowers, but you wait a little longer before you pick them. As the bright yellow and orange calendula blooms start drying up and fading out, watch for the […]

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  • Using Calendula

    My favorite flowers to grow are the ones that are beautiful and useful. Calendula definitely fits that description. These bright flowers are easy to grow and add a splash of yellow or orange to any herb garden. But their blossoms are more than just pretty. They offer a multitude of health benefits. It’s an herb […]

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  • Growing Comfrey

    Comfrey is one of my favorite herbs to use in my herbal balm. It is known to help regenerate skin cells, making it a great plant to promote healing. The caution with comfrey, or any product containing the plant, is that you must be sure a wound is clean before using it. You wouldn’t want […]

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