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  • Tested on the Skeltons, not on animals Tested on the Skeltons

    On the back of our lotion and several other products, it says, “These products are not tested on animals. They are tested on the Skeltons.” And the Skeltons are us, of course. Our six children are all adults now, but they grew up helping me fill lotion bottles and package soap. And they got pretty […]

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  • “Frozen” Soap

    When I make soap I like it to be round. It fits so nicely into the palm of your hand in that shape. To accomplish that I pour my soap into long tubes and then cut it into slices. One of the fun things about this is that you never know how that top slice is […]

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  • Mobile Friendly

    With all the shows I’ve done in the last six months I realized it was time to get my website functional. I apologize to those of you who have tried to order and not been able to. The fun thing about running your own bath and body business is that you are the formulator, marketing […]

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  • Soap on a Rope Failure

    The soap on a rope didn’t work out so well. In November I posted about a batch of soap I saved. I’d forgotten to superfat the batch and couldn’t sell it that way, so I grated it up and experimented with adding castor oil to it. Since I was experimenting I tried making soap on […]

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  • What is Castille Soap

    This is the batch of Castile soap I’m in process of packaging right now. Castile soap is a simple soap that is made with olive oil. Although the history of Castile goes way back, it is believed that the soap was first made in Castilla, Italy. This makes sense when you understand that in that […]

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