4 Tips for Itchy Armpits

Take a break from antiperspirant.

Sweating is a natural body function that antiperspirant inhibits. Most do this with aluminum, which blocks the pores and can cause skin irritation. Other chemicals such as parabens can also be a problem. Switching to a natural deodorant will give you a healthier approach to dealing with sweat and a better chance of avoiding that irritating itch.

Treat your armpits to plant-based moisture.

Our skin loves plant-based oils because they can soak in and nourish. These include ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and many others. Looking for these plant-based oils in any product you apply to your skin is a great way to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Detox your armpits.

Treat yourself to a detox mask for your pits. Yes, you heard right. This is a great way to pull toxins and chemicals from your pores so that you can transition smoothly to using a natural deodorant. Dr. John R. Christopher taught that itchy skin is often related to the release of toxins. Help your body along by speeeding up the removal of these toxins with an armpit mask.

Consider a general body cleanse.

If what Dr. Christopher taught about toxins releasing through the skin is true, then it makes sense to consider what you are putting into your body as well as what you are eliminating. When the bowel and liver are functioning optimally it lightens the load of toxins in general. One favorite answer for helping this process along is dandelion tea. You can even pick the dandelion leaves yourself. Just make sure you harvest leaves that have not been sprayed or otherwise compromised.