Armpit Detox Mask

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ARMPIT DETOX MASK was created to help with the shift from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. All underarm antiperspirants contain aluminum which forms “plugs” in sweat ducts. There may be more moisture or odor in armpits as the body adjusts to not having its natural processes blocked. Armpit Detox Mask is a companion to natural deodorant during this time of adjustment.

We chose INGREDIENTS for our detox mask that are used to trap moisture, pull toxins from the skin, calm inflammation, and fight the bacteria that causes odor. Some are known to soothe troubled skin and none are irritating.

To use the mask, simply mix some of the product with water. Use raw apple cider vinegar instead of water for extra bacteria-fighting and pH-balancing activity.

As you wash the mask off, the BENTONITE CLAY and ACTIVATED CHARCOAL take sweat, excess oil, and toxins away with them. This gives you a fresh start for your natural deodorant. Apply moisturizer if not immediately using deodorant.

Armpit Detox Mask is a powder that comes in a 2.5 oz. jar.

INGREDIENTS: bentonite clay, activated charcoal, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf oil


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