Grapefruit lip balm

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Want a lip balm that is refreshing and energizing. Grapefruit lip balm is that and more. The fresh, citrus smell comes from an essential oil that is added to the lip balm just before it is poured into the tube.

But that is not all.

Our SkinTastic blend of herbs is at the base of this lip balm. Calendula, comfrey and chickweed give it an added value in nourishing your skin. We infuse these herbs into the almond oil, which is mixed with shea butter,  jojoba, avocado and other beneficial ingredients.

We always avoid using petroleum based ingredients, because we feel that your lips deserve the best moisture and protection from chapping. We add no artificial dyes, but only rich ingredients that arrive in a .15 oz. tube ready to nourish your lips with goodness.

Ingredients: almond oil infused with calendula, comfrey and chickweed, coconut oil, shea butter, castor seed oil, vitamin e and grapefruit essential oil.


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