Sweet Dreams Spray

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Let Sweet Dreams Spray help you to relax more naturally. Just spray it on your pillow, sheets or pajamas and let the lavender and orange help you into a restful sleep.

Just add water to this 8 oz. bottle and shake it up with the essential oil blend of lavender and orange that comes in the bottle. It is shipped without the water added for a trouble free delivery.

These are 100% essential oils.

The sprayer puts out a nice mist for evenly applying to your pillow. Shake the bottle and spray. It is an especially great part of bedtime routine for children, but my husband loves it too.


“When I first saw Melanie selling this at a craft fair [over] 5 years ago, I thought this is something to try to help my son calm down at night and go to sleep. So the very first night… it worked! He went right to bed with no trouble at all.”   -Dawn


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