Self Care and Balance

By Guest Blogger Brittany Baldy
Restorative Foot Zone Practitioner


Now that's a mouthful of a word. But what is Homeostasis? And what does it mean for you?

Homeostasis is a chemical and physical "Balance" in the body, via the nervous system. The vagus nerve to be exact.

Unfortunately for many of us, we may not be in Homeostasis or Balance within our bodies.

The majority of us are running around from sunup to sundown, with demands that are seemingly constant.

With our body in a state of "Fight or Flight," this can wreak havoc on our nervous system, keeping us in an unbalanced state. This can affect a majority of health issues in our body—hormone disruption, digestion irregularities, increased heart rate, mental clarity—and can even result in physical aches and pains. This is only to name a few of the negative side effects of the body's response to not being in a state of Homeostasis.

Overwhelming, right? Well there is a simple yet effective solution!

Self care. Studies have shown that even three minutes of self care resets the nervous system. This can mean things such as taking deep breaths, stretching, or—my personal favorite—pampering yourself with a bath bomb. And, yes, Auminay Naturals Bath Bombs are the ones I choose and recommend.

As a Foot Zone Practitioner, I specialize in resetting the nervous system. Through a highly advanced foot massage, I work on acupressure points on the feet. This resets the body and allows you to go into a state of rest and digest. Or in other words: Homeostasis.

It truly does not take much to honor your time and body. As a Restorative Foot Zone Practitioner, this is your reminder to take time to care for yourself!

You can find Brittany at her Foot Zone practice, Steps for Healing, in Tooele, Utah.