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For Vibrant, Beautiful Skin

We take pleasure in creating nourishing superfoods for your skin by infusing homegrown herbs into botanical oils that are key ingredients in our lotions, serums, and balms. Our natural skincare products are free of mineral oils and other concerning ingredients. Instead, we focus on giving your skin the best nutrients to keep it hydrated, nourished, and beautiful.

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Treat Your Skin

to unparalleled

Homegrown Goodness.

Every drop of Auminay Herbal Facial Serum is infused with homegrown herbs that promote cell renewal and has age-defying moisture to help you achieve naturally beautiful skin.

Herbal Facial Serum with Calendula

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Tested on the Skeltons, not on animals

Treat yourself to natural skincare products that promote healthy-looking skin with a vibrant glow. Auminay Naturals provides the powerful natural ingredients your skin deserves. Every product is created with the highest standards for intense hydration, ultimate skin nourishment, and balance. We have been developing natural skincare products since 1997.

We never use mineral oil, parabens, or fragrances. Instead we use botanical oils and essential oils to make sure our homegrown herbs are accompanied by the best ingredients possible. Our Herbal Balm started out as a Skelton family favorite that has now inspired the infusion of these homegrown herbs into many of our other products.

Moisturizing Nourishment for the Skin

Why do our customers love this lotion?

It soaks in quickly and provides moisture and homegrown nourishment for the skin that is unparalleled by most lotions.