Auminay Naturals is more than just a new look for our homegrown natural skincare products. We’ve been SkinTastic Creations for over ten years and have realized during that time who we are.

The products we create for our customers are high quality skin care products made with botanical oils that are infused with homegrown herbs. We never use fragrances or fake colors, but instead we add scent with only quality essential oils. And any colors, mostly in our bath bombs, come from either natural clays or plants like turmeric and alkanet that we infuse into almond oil.

Why Auminay?

We wanted something softer and more elevated that better described the products we put in our bottles.

Many years ago, when Melanie first began sharing her products with friends and family, she actually began under the name Herbal Retreat. We think of this as our baby name.

And then we became a “teenager” as SkinTastic Creations. This has been a great place for us to explore who we are and who we need to be. We have grown and learned and realized that the place we began, with nature as the center of our products, is really who we are.

We consider this our adult phase:

Auminay Naturals!

A name that feels more like who we really are.