Our Story

Over 25 years ago, Auminay Naturals took root as Melanie Skelton battled cancer and learned about natural options for caring for her health. This included a change in skin care products as she learned about all of the nasty ingredients in most skin care products. Originally we were known as SkintTastic Creations, but rebranded in 2020 as Auminay Naturals. 

Melanie Skelton is a Master Herbalist who graduated from the School of Natural Healing in 2017. Later that year she opened a health food store, Melanie's Health & Nutrition where we have a manufacturing area at the back of the store where we handcraft the Auminay products.

One of our favorite things is how people walk into the store and just take a deep breath and comment on how great it smells. The mix of herbs and essential oils creates an environment that we strive to bring to you personally in each bottle of lotion and jar of salve that we send out to you.