Deep Tissue Salve 4oz

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Craig Campbell
I love it!

This works wonders for my back. I have a few herniated/degenerative disks in my spine as well has psoriatic arthritis. I use it every night before I go to sleep and it's amazing.

Hi Craig:
Thanks for the review. The Deep Tissue Salve is one of our top selling products. Glad it is working for you.

Sandy P.
AMAZING Product!!!!

I originally purchased this product to help with my husband‘s back pain which it helped him function better. Since then, I have used it for my neck pain and have shared it with several others suffering with shoulder pain, back pain, pulled groin muscles and more—all with positive outcomes of healing and relief from pain. The most amazing result happened with a friend whose knee pain was so severe she could barely walk, it helped reduce the pain within hours and after two days of use she was walking without any pain. I have tried many products to help my husband with his back pain, but have never found anything that has had such amazing results as the Deep Tissue Salve. This is truly an amazing product. If I could give it a 10 star recommendation, I would!

Matthew Peterson
Great for RA!

My wife loves this product! Her RA is especially painful during changes in the weather. She has been using the deep tissue salve before bedtime and has been sleeping with less joint pain. I recently used the product on my son who had a persistent, painful and swollen spasm in his shoulder, and the salve worked better than the muscle relaxers prescribed to him by an urgent care specialist. I highly recommend this product.