Press Release: Fountain of Youth

Auminay Naturals Unveils the Fountain of Youth, Their New Age-Defying Skin Care Collection

Tooele, Utah, May 3, 2022 - Auminay Naturals unveiled their new Fountain of Youth Collection yesterday morning on Facebook Live and in their sister store, Melanie’s Health & Nutrition. This new line is focused specifically on providing excellent age-defying skin care options that are centered around plant benefits. Herb-infused botanical oils are a defining characteristic of Auminay products and the Fountain of Youth Collection is no different. Herbs known to help the skin age more gracefully are infused into almond oil, making this blend the most important ingredient in the Fountain of Youth products. Many of the products are packed with even more benefits from the Secret Garden essential oil blend, adding one more layer of support for mature and dry skin. 

The new Fountain of Youth Collection includes a full eleven new products, an unprecedented feat for a company with handmade, small batch products. The products focus on three areas:

The face: The skin that shows the most wear from age, environment, and toxins (a set of six product)

The hands: Second only to the face at showing damage (a set of two products)

The feet: An important area to take care of just in time for sandal season (a set of three products)

The new Fountain of Youth Collection focuses on helping people with mature or dry skin. Just as important to Auminay as how skin looks is how it acts. When skin is dry it does not perform its functions of elimination and protection as well as balanced skin does. The nourishing plant oils and herbs chosen for the Fountain of Youth Collection help the skin to rebound better from dryness and aging signs such as wrinkles and lines.

Auminay Naturals was created to give people great skin care products that are made with ingredients from nature. Owner and formulator Melanie Skelton carefully chooses the herbs, oils, and other gifts of nature that will benefit Auminay users. As a Master Herbalist and owner of a health & nutrition store, she is uniquely positioned to hear what customers want and then create natural wonders that work well and do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum, and fragrances. She has done just that with the full line of Auminay products, including herbal salves, lotions, soaps, deodorants, bath bombs, and shower steamers.

The Fountain of Youth Collection is available nationwide at: or It can be found locally at Melanie’s Health & Nutrition at 768 North Main Street in Tooele, Utah.

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