Mother Earth Mothering

by guest blogger, Beth Young

Did you know that the Earth provides a natural healing and regulating process for our bodies? All we need to do is physically be in contact with the Earth daily and our bodies will begin to move out of dis-ease and into greater health.

Our lifestyles have evolved over the decades to be less and less connected to the Earth. Even just a few hundred years ago it was common to sleep on the ground, walk without “barriers” (rubber soled shoes) on our feet and more.  Now our homes and shoes are preventing the benefits of the magnetism of the earth to reach our bodies.

Studies have shown that when we reconnect with the Earth’s electrons, there is a reduction in inflammation and more. The grounding anti-inflammatory effects have been explained as the body allowing negatively charged electrons from the Earth to enter our body. These antioxidant electrons then neutralize positively charged free radicals, which are abundant in areas of inflammation.

So, if you’re looking for some natural help with inflammation, strive to spend an hour a day with your bare feet on the ground.  It’s a great time to read, meditate, garden, practice tai chi and more.  Give it a try and see what happens—oh, and be sure to thank “mother nature” for sending some “mothering” help to your body.


Beth Young is the founder of 5 Pillars of Health where they focus on providing seminars, classes and retreats focused on helping individuals discover The Great Calm for their mind and body.  To learn more about her resources and insights, go to


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