The 2 Most Important Skin Care Routine Steps

Whether you are dealing with dry skin, oily skin, or something else entirely, the same 2 steps are the most important parts of your skin care routine.

While there are definitely other measures that can be taken, all skin care routines are best when they start with a simple two-step process:

  1. Create a clean canvas.
  2. Provide useful moisture.

Like everything else, skin gets dirty from every direction. First, it collects from its outside environment, just like furniture gets dusty. Second, it is an organ that helps to clean the body, taking unwanted stuff from the inside of the body to the outside to be discarded.

Thus, the first step in your skin care routine is to cleanse these extras from our skin so that it can continue to do its job.


The second step is keeping moisture balanced in skin so that it can do its job smoothly. Dry or oily skin just isn’t as good at its job as balanced skin. Dry skin can crack, opening your outer barrier to attack from bacteria and other microbes. And both dry skin and oily skin can cause the production of too much skin oil. This is a leading cause of acne, which is a sign that your skin may not have a good balance.


Whether or not applied moisturizer can be used by your skin also matters. I am partial to plant moisture because of the added benefits from the plants. Also, skin can absorb plant oils, but cannot absorb petroleum-based ingredients such as mineral oil. By using clean and natural moisture in your skin care routine, skin gets better at doing its own job of balancing those dry or oily areas.


Of course, addressing other issues is not off the table and can be done in addition to this easy balancing skin care routine. And by cleansing and moisturizing each day, you are on your way to balanced skin. This balance is the key to unlocking your skin’s ability to work smoothly and well.


For more discussion on balanced skin, see the article “Nature and Skin Need Balance.”