Conquer Your Skin Struggles

Realize your skin's potential.  

Are you feeling self-conscious about sagging skin or wrinkles invading your youthful glow?

Do you look in the mirror and feel like your skin needs a miracle?

We have a Fountain of Youth Sample for you.

Don't give in to dull, dry or aging skin. Experience dramatically smoother, firmer skin with formulas that nourish, calm and protect.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of skin-care products are laden with mineral oil and other petroleum-based ingredients that don’t nourish your skin.

These coat your skin, but don't have the nourishing power of herbs and botanical oils.

What you need is . . .

The Auminay Fountain of Youth

Naturally hydrating products that soak in and nourish the skin on your face, hands and feet.

Enjoy the power of the Auminay Fountain of Youth with hydrating products designed to promote natural collagen production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and leave you with glowing skin.

• Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Enhance skin texture and brighten complexion
• Reduce the appearance of sagging skin
• Soothe irritated skin
• Unlock the nourishing properties of nature

Choose your sample pack below.

Basic Youthful Moisture Set

Give your skin the nourishment and moisture it needs to thrive. Watch your skin respond to our Fountain of Youth herbs and oils. This set includes Day Cream, Facial Serum, and Night Cream.

Soften fine lines and promote even skin tones.

Support skin with herbs focused on nourishing.

Add deep, rich moisture to help renew that youthful glow.

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Cleansing Basics Set

Experience a new approach to gentle, effective cleansing. After the cleansing oil, follow up with exfoliation and nourishing. This set includes Cleansing Oil, Facial Polish, and Day Cream.

Gently lift makeup, dirt
& oils with our
unique cleansing oil.

Exfoliate and deep cleanse pores.

Protect skin with nourishing moisture.

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Super Moisture Set

Treat face, hands and feet to deep moisture, infused with skin nourishing herbs. A specialized formula makes each piece just right. This set includes Day Cream, Hand Cream & Foot Butter.

Care for the face with nourishing moisture.

Keep hands looking young and supple.

Defeat those
dry feet and
cracked heels.

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Complete Age-defying Sample Face Set

This is the ultimate Fountain of Youth set for the face. It has all six unique face products. From cleansing and exfoliating to deep moisturizing, this set covers it all.

Includes Cleansing Oil, Face Mask, Facial Polish, Day Cream, Facial Serum, & Night Cream.

Gentle cleansing through the natural process of cleansing oils removing makeup, dirt and unwanted buildup.

Daily moisture that soaks in quickly to protect skin and keep it nourished every morning.

Tightening and deep cleansing action of a facial mask with added nourishing essential oils.

Deep, nourishing moisture with our serum to help renew that youthful glow.

Exfoliation to be used a couple of times per week to remove dead skin and improve that youthful glow.

Deep, thick moisture for bedtime when skin works to repair itself.

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